Poor Documentation – The Reason Your Visits are Being Denied by Medicare

Poor Documentation – The Reason Your Visits are Being Denied by Medicare

While most documentation at FTS is thorough and compliant, the occasional mishap occurs when Medicare or private insurers deny payment because of poor documentation.  The purpose of this post is to prevent those denials.  Listed below are 11 elements that must be included in documentation and a few tips to improve compliance.  These 11 elements are listed in Medicare denial letters and I do my best to describe the elements below.  Hint:  Element #7 and #9 are the most common reasons FTS therapists are denied!

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Using Our Time Wisely

Using Our Time Wisely

The Mission of FTS is to Change The Culture of the Home Health Industry… this means culture, connectedness and creating a platform for our people to feel supported, acknowledged and grow are all important ideals to strive for.  Sometimes it takes a big effort and sometimes it only takes a well thought out question asked to the right person. It’s amazing what we can learn from each other if we take the time to ask and listen.

Personally, I am always curious how others have found good use of their time and habits to become more successful in all areas of life, so I recently posed a question to a bunch of our most productive and long time therapists (also the funnest to be around) and here is what they had to say.  

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The Mission Statement of FTS

The Mission Statement of FTS

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me, what’s the Mission Statement of FTS? I really
didn’t know how to answer this question for many years. I knew what I wanted to do, but it
was hard to describe in just a few words. I always thought, “I want to do a lot of things, how
can I put all of this in 1 statement?!”. After a lot of thought/consideration, I believe I can clearly
explain the mission of FTS as this… To change the Culture of the Home Health Industry.

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Franchising with FTS - Sara Chandler (Lansing, MI)

Franchising with FTS - Sara Chandler (Lansing, MI)

"FTS is a very innovative and progressive company. Through the development of the FTS app, I believe they are pioneering the way technology will be used to streamline the home health industry, which I am grateful to be a part of... My goal is to bring the same innovative, progressive business model to home health therapy in Michigan, that FTS has brought to Texas."

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Why I decided to Franchise FTS

Therapists are some of the most knowledgeable, well-educated people I know… regarding Therapy.

If any of you are like me, you majored in a science major in college, and then went to Therapy school.  When you got out of school, you were an All-Star Therapist, but you hadn’t taken a real Business course in your life.  And if someone said the words “Revenue” or “Cash Flow” you just nodded your head, hoping they didn’t ask you what your thoughts were.  Therapy schools are geared toward clinical education (understandably).  Most schools give an obligatory ‘Business’ class which consists of surface level business training that is not very applicable in real-life.  Ultimately, schools don’t train Therapists on the guts of business; like getting a loan, managing people, branding, cash flow, etc.  These are things that are imperative to understand if you want to start a business one day.

Being a great Therapist is great, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate to being a great businessman/businesswoman.  There are a lot of aspiring Therapist entrepreneurs that sit on the sidelines because they feel the learning curve to start a business is too risky and too steep.  One of the things I have learned over time, is if I want FTS to continue to grow, I have to create a way to make other people successful.  More specifically, I need to create a way for other people to be more successful WITH FTS, than without FTS. A business that accomplishes that, is one that really has no ceiling.

Most people have the desire to “start their own shop” at some point in their life but very few do.  This goal can be derailed by a variety of things.  Whether it be the lack of capital, ‘bad timing’, or most commonly the ‘how to’.    I’ve seen how much joy (and stress) Entrepreneurship has given me, and helping someone else achieve that, is something that gets me fired up!

I really believe that if I can provide our technology, the ‘how to’, and the infrastructure we have been building for years, it would instill enough confidence to make that aspiring Entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur.   It would be enough to turn the “I’m thinking about it” into “I’m doing it”.  And the hope would be that that Entrepreneur would be far more successful with FTS, than without FTS.

If you have any interest in Franchising with FTS please contact us through our website at www.foremantherapyservices.com/franchising

Nate Foreman

Core Values

Core Value #1: Failure

Foreman Therapy Services would not exist today without Failure.  I really believe that failure is a key ingredient to any successful business.  A quote that I love is “Failure is not the opposite of Success, it’s a part of Success”. So many people view failure as a Stop Sign.  Meaning, that because a person fails at something, it means they should stop and turn the other way. If I took that position on Failure, I would have shut FTS down 3 months in.  The timeline of our company has been failure after failure with success, then more failure... Read More

Core Value #2: Hard Work is Enough

Hard Work is enough.  This is a statement that a lot of people say, but very few actually believe.  Foreman Therapy Services was built by Hard Work and nothing else.  We have never had any capital, never had any experience, and never had any connections.  All we had was our work ethic, and fortunately, that is enough.  FTS is simply the end-product of a large group of people working toward a unified cause, that truly believe that hard work is enough... Read More

Core Value #3: Be a Problem Solver, not a Complainer

Problem solving is the foundation of Foreman Therapy Services.  We hope that FTS solves a problem for many of our customers, and we try to create a problem-solving environment amongst our staff.  My job as CEO, is to make sure that our company continues to solve our customer’s problems.  With that said, I know the best way to do that, is to train up our staff to be problem-solvers... Read More

Core Value #4: Move Fast and be Action Oriented

Action is what separates us from 99% of the field.  And if we move fast, we will be at the finish line before most companies leave the starting blocks.  Foreman Therapy Services is never going to be the company that talks about doing certain things, we’re going to be the company that actually does them.  It is amazing how many great ideas sit on the sidelines, because the author fails to take action... Read More

Core Value #5: Accountability

Responsibility is simply having tasks assigned to you.  Accountability is actually completing those tasks.  Everyone should be held accountable for the responsibilities that have been assigned to them.  Even though this sounds like such a simple thing, this is something that really makes or breaks a business.  At FTS, our path will be defined by what we do, but also what we don’t do.  Companies are NOT built by people taking on a lot of responsibility.  Companies are built by those people being accountable for those responsibilities... Read More

FTS Featured in Staffing Industry Analysts Magazine

Small Is Big – Growth Therapy

Nate Foreman had no intention of starting a staffing firm when he graduated from University of Texas Southwestern’s physical therapy program in 2009. But two years later, he did just that when he began Foreman Therapy Services. The allied healthcare staffing firm is based in Dallas.

“My trade is in physical therapy, and that’s kind of how I got started,” Foreman says.

Foreman’s plan was to use his physical therapy background to get into sports medicine. When he began working for a staffing firm to help pay down his student loans, he noticed a huge need in the staffing industry.

“Close to 18 months after I graduated, I decided to start the company,” Foreman says. “It’s been a lot of failure, a lot of trial and errors, a lot of figuring things out.”

For the first three months of the company, Foreman was the sole employee. He founded the business, provided the physical therapy services himself and had little time for sleep. But then he began adding staff and growing the firm.

The company posted $1 million in revenue in 2012, but this year it’s on track for up to $20 million in revenue. And last year, Foreman Therapy Services ranked No. 11 on the Dallas 100 list of fastest-growing companies in the Dallas area.

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By Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is Senior Managing Editor of Staffing Industry Review and Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News.