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Small Is Big – Growth Therapy

Nate Foreman had no intention of starting a staffing firm when he graduated from University of Texas Southwestern’s physical therapy program in 2009. But two years later, he did just that when he began Foreman Therapy Services. The allied healthcare staffing firm is based in Dallas.

“My trade is in physical therapy, and that’s kind of how I got started,” Foreman says.

Foreman’s plan was to use his physical therapy background to get into sports medicine. When he began working for a staffing firm to help pay down his student loans, he noticed a huge need in the staffing industry.

“Close to 18 months after I graduated, I decided to start the company,” Foreman says. “It’s been a lot of failure, a lot of trial and errors, a lot of figuring things out.”

For the first three months of the company, Foreman was the sole employee. He founded the business, provided the physical therapy services himself and had little time for sleep. But then he began adding staff and growing the firm.

The company posted $1 million in revenue in 2012, but this year it’s on track for up to $20 million in revenue. And last year, Foreman Therapy Services ranked No. 11 on the Dallas 100 list of fastest-growing companies in the Dallas area.

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By Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is Senior Managing Editor of Staffing Industry Review and Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News.