Why I decided to Franchise FTS

Therapists are some of the most knowledgeable, well-educated people I know… regarding Therapy.

If any of you are like me, you majored in a science major in college, and then went to Therapy school.  When you got out of school, you were an All-Star Therapist, but you hadn’t taken a real Business course in your life.  And if someone said the words “Revenue” or “Cash Flow” you just nodded your head, hoping they didn’t ask you what your thoughts were.  Therapy schools are geared toward clinical education (understandably).  Most schools give an obligatory ‘Business’ class which consists of surface level business training that is not very applicable in real-life.  Ultimately, schools don’t train Therapists on the guts of business; like getting a loan, managing people, branding, cash flow, etc.  These are things that are imperative to understand if you want to start a business one day.

Being a great Therapist is great, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate to being a great businessman/businesswoman.  There are a lot of aspiring Therapist entrepreneurs that sit on the sidelines because they feel the learning curve to start a business is too risky and too steep.  One of the things I have learned over time, is if I want FTS to continue to grow, I have to create a way to make other people successful.  More specifically, I need to create a way for other people to be more successful WITH FTS, than without FTS. A business that accomplishes that, is one that really has no ceiling.

Most people have the desire to “start their own shop” at some point in their life but very few do.  This goal can be derailed by a variety of things.  Whether it be the lack of capital, ‘bad timing’, or most commonly the ‘how to’.    I’ve seen how much joy (and stress) Entrepreneurship has given me, and helping someone else achieve that, is something that gets me fired up!

I really believe that if I can provide our technology, the ‘how to’, and the infrastructure we have been building for years, it would instill enough confidence to make that aspiring Entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur.   It would be enough to turn the “I’m thinking about it” into “I’m doing it”.  And the hope would be that that Entrepreneur would be far more successful with FTS, than without FTS.

If you have any interest in Franchising with FTS please contact us through our website at www.foremantherapyservices.com/franchising

Nate Foreman