Wanderlust: Home Health and FTS

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We are an OT/PT duo originally from different ends of the country. We each began our careers as home health therapists with FTS as travel therapists, meaning we signed on for short term, 13-week contracts. Neither of us had any experience in home health and, quite honestly, didn’t have much interest in home health at that point either. We had full intentions of continuing to work as travel therapists, jumping from job to job and place to place. The idea of travel therapy was exciting to us because it provided the opportunity to explore the country before we were tied down with whatever commitments life was bound to throw our way. However, what we quickly discovered was working in home health actually provided us with a better opportunity to satisfy that wanderlust. 

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With FTS we are provided the flexibility to travel as much as we want, as well as the means to do so. We are responsible for our own schedule and workload. That means we never have to ask for permission to take a day off. As long as we are providing quality care and all of our patients are seen as expected by the end of the week, it doesn’t matter how we go about doing so. Sometimes that means working on a Sunday to take the following Friday off. Sometimes that means three or four very long days of work, in order to enjoy a three or four day weekend. Sometimes that means documentation or phone calls during Uber rides or at airports. It is not always easy or stress-free, but the point is that it is possible. We have the ability to make our work week look however we want, which is definitely not the case for most therapy work settings. 

In 2017 we traveled to Austin (three times), Denver, San Francisco, Michigan (twice), Wisconsin, Houston, Iowa, Indiana, Napa, Chicago, and Portland (twice). It is currently June of 2018 and we have already traveled to Denver, San Antonio, Galveston, Portland, Breckinridge, Iowa, Chicago, and Austin this year. We each have family who live out of state and we have been able to spend time with them. We are also currently at the age where it feels like each week someone we know is either getting married or having a baby. We have been lucky enough to attend important occasions and still have the time and resources to plan additional trips throughout the year. We realize many of our peers do not have the luxury to do all of the above and it is ultimately home health that has provided us with that. We are so grateful FTS introduced us to the world of home health and for the lifestyle we have been able to achieve along with it!

-Emily Baker, OTR/L & Ben Stecker PT, DPT