Franchising with Foreman Therapy Services

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FTS Locations Oct 2018.jpg
  • Dallas – 2011

  • Fort Worth – 2012

  • Austin – 2013

  • San Antonio – 2014

  • Houston – 2015

  • El Paso – 2016

  • Cincinnati, Ohio - 2017

  • Lansing, Michigan – 2017 - Chandler Therapy Services

  • Denver, Colorado - 2018 - Alpine Therapy Services

  • Abilene - 2018

Why I decided to Franchise FTS

Therapists are some of the most knowledgeable, well-educated people I know… regarding Therapy.

If any of you are like me, you majored in a science major in college, and then went to Therapy school.  When you got out of school, you were an All-Star Therapist, but you hadn’t taken a real Business course in your life.  And if someone said the words “Revenue” or “Cash Flow” you just nodded your head, hoping they didn’t ask you what your thoughts were.  Therapy schools are geared toward clinical education (understandably).  Most schools give an obligatory ‘Business’ class which consists of surface level business training that is not very applicable in real-life.  Ultimately, schools don’t train Therapists on the guts of business; like getting a loan, managing people, branding, cash flow, etc.  These are things that are imperative to understand if you want to start a business one day... Read more...